Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Russian Constructivism

I think Russian Constructivism was similar to the Bauhaus in my opinion, meaning that they were both way ahead of their time in how unique and well designed their artwork was. I find it interesting that they looked down on emotional artwork and wanted to create strictly objective forms that had universal meaning. The hand in particular has a very strong force behind it.

I'm so fascinated how they created these photomontaged images and texture within these posters by hand and reproduced them! The geometric structures and basic shapes and bold colors representing the communist regime in Russian at the time are quite moving. It would have been nice to see Tatlin's tower actually built! This is probably my favorite movement that we have learned in class simply because it links to my family's past, being from the former Soviet Union. In these constructivist photos I included, you kind see the constuctivism that went into each piece and see how they clearly represented this movement with the sharp geometric shapes and the hand built quality to them.

I borrowed these images from which was a site I found that included some interesting information about Russian Constructivism and many more photos of artwork.

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