Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"AIGA Design for Democracy"

In class it was mentioned that AIGA redesigned paper ballots for voting which really caught my attention. Design still and always will serve a purpose to government.

I found this article on the AIGA website,, and found it quite interesting. It explains how AIGA is encouraging states and election jurisdictions to apply the design guidelines for voting ballots. These guidelines were created by the design members of AIGA to help influence and motivate designers.

These are two paper ballots that were redesigned using their guidelines. Do they look familiar? I voted using a paper ballot this Novemeber and it is almost the same exact design! They were clearly easy to use in my opinion. I think its so cool that AIGA directly influenced the design on the ballots that we use to vote for our president!

These images are from the link,, that's included in the article.