Thursday, October 9, 2008

Words can't describe what your eyes bring to life.

The following video is a commercial for VSP Vision Insurance:

Here are a few screen shots of the commercial:

Below is an image from the website, similar to the commercial that runs on TV.

The commercial and stationary image remind me of Guillaume Appollinaire's Calligrammes. Calligrammes is a collection of concrete poetry, signifying that the typography and layout reflect the meaning and content of the poem. The term "Calligramme" is a word derived from the Greeks, meaning "beautiful writing." Appollinaire's Calligrammes are influenced by the Cubist techniques. They use the same sense of "fragmented structure" and "simultaneous experience" that can been seen in a Cubist painting.

The Rare Books Collection at Wash U's Olin Library contains a copy of Calligrammes. I remember looking thru them, specifically taking note of Il Pleut, the first image below. The two following Il Pleut are titled, La Colombe Poignardée et le Jet d'Eau and La Petit Auto, respectively. To see more Calligrammes, visit UBUWEB.

Eskilson, Graphic Design A New History
images from UBUWEB

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